8 Expert Tips to Prevent your Emails from Going To Spam Folder

Prevent Your Emails From Ending Up In The Spam Folder

Avoiding the email spam folder filter is an important marketing skill. Failing to do so will harm your online reputation and risk users ignoring your emails. Preparing in advance is important. Our blog will discuss eight strategies on how to entirely avoid the spam folder as well as fix deliverability issues.

Avoid The Spam Folder Altogether

  1. With GMAIL you can avoid the spam folder by adding email filters. There are two vital options you need to turn on – “Never send it to spam” and “also apply filter to matching messages”. This GMAIL article will explain the process in detail.
  2. If you are experiencing issues with emails not arriving to users, perhaps the content might have something to do with it. You can test this out by sending a neutral message to a Gmail address. If you notice a problem, divide the content into separate pieces and send them out individually to determine which part is causing the issues. Often, it could be an image or link behind this.
  3. Let your subscribers know when an email message is on its way. Tell your users to expect a reply when they need to confirm their registration or purchase. Be sure to mention an email might end up in the spam folder. You can put a small message below or above the call to action button; telling your users to click the “not spam” link should the email ever appear in Gmail’s junk folder.
  4. You can politely ask your subscribers to add your address to their list of contacts. By doing this, no email will ever end up in the spam folder, and you will receive more conversions.
  5. Keep an eye out for user activity. How often do your subscribers open and read your emails? How often do they skip and delete them? Do you receive spam folder reports? Gmail does track such metrics and can tell if your subscribers are inactive. You should conduct reengagement campaigns every few months to identify which subscribers are inactive, so you can remove them from the email address list.
  6. Unsubscribing should be quick and easy. Make sure the unsubscribe link is easy to find, so users can follow it and stop future emails with one click. If unsubscribing is hard, people will likely report the emails as junk.
  7. Use a double opt-in subscription process which sends a follow-up message that subscribers need to respond to. Avoid pre-checked opt-in checkboxes.
  8. Having a legitimate IP address and a private domain will help. It will make you compliant with Gmail’s authentication rules. It is vital for your digital marketing strategy. When introducing a new IP address, you could benefit from a gradual increase in the email’s volume. At first, send out a small number of emails, so your users get to know you better. Over the course of weeks, you can increase the volume.

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