What is a local search engine?

What is a local search engine?

If you offer a service a local market, then improving your visibility on local search is a great way to generate more leads. According to the Pew Research Center, 9 in 10 smartphone owners use their phone to get directions, recommendations or other information related to their location.

In addition to following general best practices for search engine optimization, such as setting up a mobile-friendly website, service providers can implement these local search strategies recommended by Ben Johnson, digital marketing manager at Heritage Anderson Digital Marketing.

Register your business with Google. Filling our your Google Business page is an easy way to boost your local ranking, and there’s an option to list a service area instead of a storefront address.
Include your city in the page title of the main pages of your website along with your business name. “Page titles tell people and search engines what that page is about,” Johnson said. “Associating it with the city you do business in will help with local rankings.”

If you provide services to multiple cities, build a separate landing page for each major city you serve. “The goal here is to have pages with content pertaining to those cities to help you show up when people in those areas are searching for the services you provide,” Johnson added.

To learn more about optimizing your business for local search, download our free guide “Local Search: The New Ways Customers Find Your Business.”

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