Whatsapp for Business: The Ultimate Marketing Tool to Drive Traffic

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You’ve used WhatsApp for talking to family overseas, to your client, and to your mom, and it’s fair to say with over 2 billion active users this statement is true for most people. The sheer size of WhatsApp’s reach is staggering, as the number one messaging app in 112 countries, using Whatsapp as a marketing tool feels like the obvious next step. So, let us show you how leveraging your client’s most powerful inbox can help you drive your marketing initiatives forward! 

Why you need to be using WhatsApp as a Marketing Tool 

marketing tool

In February of this year, WhatsApp cemented their position as the market leader in the instant messaging space when it crossed the 2 billion users threshold. WhatsApp users collectively spent a mind-boggling 85.21 billion hours using the app, which is even more staggering when you consider that the same study found that people used Facebook only 31 billion hours in the same period. 

WhatsApp is where people go to share moments of connectedness with people they love. We are willing to bet the content that you and your loved ones share on WhatsApp is not the same content you are sharing on Facebook. 

So, how do we leverage your clients’ most cherished inbox to create personal relationships with them that are not possible through other digital platforms?

A WhatsApp Chatbot

If you’re still scratching your head, imagine this. If your business was an actual person, with thoughts, feelings, desires, and most importantly an account on WhatsApp that it can use to talk to customers–that person is a WhatsApp chatbot. So, what is this chatbot capable of doing for your business? Here are five things that your chatbot (as a marketing tool) can do to create a lasting impression that turns prospects into customers. 

1. Automate Customer Service 

Any good customer service operations aim is to help customers get the most out of a company. Traditionally this has required one of two things: hiring customer service representatives who can answer questions by phone or email. This approach is expensive and requires time, and effort to train the reps. 

The second option is to create online resources (blogs, videos, knowledge bases, forums), but who is actually reading them? So, what’s the solution?  The WhatsApp chatbot is a fully automated version of your customer service representatives. They can answer customer questions, help with any issues that may arise, and handle it just like a human would. The best part–they are about as cheap to implement as any online resource, and they can run around the clock. 

2. Generate More Leads 

The bedrock of any B2C services business: generating leads. Most companies, big and small, and no matter what industry, spend time, money, and effort bringing traffic to their pages only to find that less than 5% of that traffic is actually converting into customers. The root of the problem? Landing pages. 

While landing pages are the standard way companies capture leads, and while they do get the job done the numbers speak for themselves and the results aren’t great. WhatsApp chatbots are an engaging alternative to the traditional landing page. 

The WhatsApp chatbot turns landing pages into conversations! They are instant, dynamic, and they feel more human than a webpage ever could. This intimate engagement translates into a buyer experience that converts at higher rates than traditional landing pages. 

3. Improve Facebook Ads ROI 

Get ready for this. With the WhatsApp chatbot, traffic from your Facebook ads is sent directly into WhatsApp conversations. This transforms the lead generation experience into a conversation resulting in more people who click on your ads actually becoming customers! 

4. Book More Sales Calls 

Figuring out scheduling for sales calls can often take way more time than necessary. Widgets like Calendly definitely help to fill the gaps, but they aren’t perfect and can turn some prospects off, negatively impacting conversion rates. 

Enter WhatsApp Chatbots, think of them as an automated personal assistant. They hook up to relevant calendars and help prospects book appointments within the WhatsApp conversation resulting in less time spent scheduling. 

5. Conduct User Engagement Quizzes 

Transform tedious information collection into games with quizzes! Traditionally web pages that host quizzes tend to be quite terrible on mobile. With slow load times, jerky animations, and tiny images web pages diminish the engagement value of your quizzes. 

WhatsApp chatbots allow you to administer quizzes to your customers without having to leave the app resulting in higher completion rates, more data, and more sales! 

With all the benefits of the WhatsApp chatbot, it really is a no-brainer. The best part is you have the opportunity to get a head start on the competition and start connecting with potential customers as Javalogix is the first Canadian marketing agency to offer WhatsApp chatbots. Bring the wow-factor to your business today. Let’s get started- we would love to hear from you!   

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