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Did You Know?

Your slow website is costing you sales. If your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, you’re potentially losing 40% of your visitors to your competitors!

Slow Website = Less Conversion

Conversion rate is considered one of the most important factors of any website and slow speeds is one of the biggest culprits to low conversion rates!

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Fast Websites Rank Higher On Google

Website speed is so important that, Google has started to take loading speed into account (starting 2011). Want to rank higher on Google? You better increase your website speed!

Mobile Visitors Want Fast Websites

Mobile phones are becoming the primary device that people are using the surf the internet. Make sure your website is optimized to load lightning fast for your mobile visitors to avoid losing precious traffic!

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We Guarantee Your Speed Results!

Our team of experts have optimized countless website and we are confident in our ability to speed up yours too! With this confidence, we guarantee your website will load in 3 seconds or less!

Which Optimizations Will We Do To Make Your Website Lightning Fast?

Image Optimization

Our method of image optimization, optimizes the images on your web pages without sacrificing any of the quality and meet Google’s image optimization requirements!


Minify Javascript & Css

We make your website smaller and faster to load by minifying the JavaScript and CSS code. We do this by removing whitespace and comments from code. This makes the file size smaller, therefore faster to download.

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Enable Compression

Our method of compression uses Gzip. This helps to reduce the size of your website and allows your website to load faster. To date, Gzip is the most popular and effective compressing method.


Enable CDN

We set your website up with one of the best and high performance CDNs to ensure your content gets delivered at lightning speeds!

Leverage Browser Caching

Our method browser caching is one of the most efficient and fastest. Browser caching allows you to speed up your website for visitors who go on multiple pages or visit your website multiple times by storing a copy of the pages in their browser


Reduce Server Response Time

We will audit your webhost to see whether or not it is capable of performing at optimal levels. If not, our servers can offer lightning fast managed WordPress hosting.

What's included in our speed optimization service?

Our Speed Optimization service starts with an audit of your website and hosting provider. From here, we’ll carry out the work and resolve any issues that we’ve found. This may include recommending a new hosting provider to you. Once the work has been completed, we will carry out further testing and then provide you with the finished report in PDF format.

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Website Speed Audit

We'll take an initial look at the speed of your website and assess any areas that need improving. We'll be paying particular attention to how quickly the website loads in browser, to visitors from locations where you provide your products or services. This data will be saved and will be used as a benchmark.

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Hosting Audit

One of the key areas that is often a bottleneck for website speed is the hosting company that you use to host your website. We’ll review the hosting company and the service they are providing. This may lead to us recommending an alternative hosting provider and/or testing on an alternate service to show you the speed difference.

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Speed Optimization Tweaks

Now we move onto the main bulk of the work in our Speed Optimization service. At this point we’ll be putting into place changes and tweaks to your website that will optimize everything so that it loads as quickly as possible. If you have a global audience, this is the point where we would be setting up a CDN (Content Delivery Network).

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Speed / Performance Testing

After we’ve carried out the tweaks and changes to your website, we’ll carry out some further speed and performance tests. We’ll compare these results to the benchmark that we took before we started. The website should be loading quickly with no visible errors in the front-end or back-end of the site.

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PDF & Video Report with summary of work completed

After we have completed the Speed Optimization work, we’ll compile a PDF report for your perusal. The report will detail the initial findings that we had, the work that we’ve carried out, any key areas of note and the results of the final tests after we finished. We may also make recommendations for best practice use of your website moving forwards.

Speed Optimization Service

Stop sending visitors to your competitors because your website is slow


Frequently Asked Questions

The speed of your website is an important trust factor with both visitors and also the search engines. If you want to offer your visitors the best experience and capture their attention – you need to have a website that loads quickly. From a search engine perspective, a faster website can help your website to be more visible in the search results.
Our Speed Optimization services are for WordPress websites, an area in which we specialize. If you have a website on an alternative platform we may be able to assist. Please contact us and we can discuss this further with you.
Not at all. Our process ensures that your website will be running throughout the optimization process.
Yes definitely! Especially if you follow the instructions given at the end of the video report, your website should be running smooth and fast all the time!
We will get it loading under 3 seconds!
We typically need around 2-4 working days to optimize your website’s speed from the point of receiving your order. From time to time this may be a little longer, as it will depend on our current work schedule. Once the Speed Optimization work is complete, we will send over our report, including details of the work completed.
We’re an established agency having first formed back in 2012. We have over a decade of experience with WordPress, web design and marketing. Our friendly team are well versed in carrying our Speed Optimization work on websites and ready to assist you.
Not at all. Your design stays exactly as is. If there is anything that we feel is important to change, we will let you know before we touch it.
Of course! We will have the mobile version of your website loading in under 3 seconds!
Of course! We will have the mobile version of your website loading in under 3 seconds!

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