Online Reputation Management Funnel

Are you tired of seeing negative reviews bring down the reputation of your business?

Do you want to turn unhappy customers into satisfied ones, and encourage happy customers to share their positive experiences online?

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Online Reputation Management Funnel

Introducing Reputation Management Funnel Solution: The Ultimate Tool for Managing and Improving the Online Reputation of Your Business.

Connect with your customers and address any issues they may have before they leave a negative review online. With an easy-to-use platform you can communicate directly with your customers and resolve any issues they may have quickly and efficiently.

Don’t just stop at addressing negative reviews. Encourage your happy customers and raving fans to share their positive experiences online, helping to boost your overall reputation and bring more business to your door.

Online Reputation Funnel

With Reputation Management Funnel Solution, You'll Be Able To:​

Frequently Asked Questions

Online reputation management is the process of gathering and monitoring online reviews that impact a business’ online reputation.
Online reputation management is important because in today’s digital life, online reviews replace word-of-mouth referrals and have a significant impact on its success.
Online reputation management can improve a business by increasing customer trust and loyalty, attracting more customers, and improving overall sales.
Normally, to monitor your online reputation, you’d have to go to all the review sites and montior the feedback. With the Online Reputation Management Tool from Javalogix, it’s as easy as signing into a centralized dashboard to see your brands overall reputation across several sites. We even provide a swipe file for replying to reviews, for a nominal fee.
To respond to negative reviews online, you should first acknowledge the customer’s concern and apologize for any inconvenience they may have experienced. Then, offer to address the issue and provide a solution.
The bottom line is ask. Quite often customers who are happy with your service WANT to help you. If you feel as if a little incentive is needed, you can offer incentives like discounts or special offers for those who leave a positive review.
Yes, online reputation management can help a business recover from a negative reputation by addressing and resolving customer issues, and by promoting positive reviews and customer experiences.

The cost of online reputation management can vary depending on the services and tools used. According to investopedia, the prices range from $8 – $399/month. Some businesses may be able to manage their online reputation on their own, while others may need to hire a professional reputation management company. The comprehensive Online Reputation Management Tool by Javalogix is $99/month.

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Online Reputation Management Funnel
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