Don’t chase design trends for your business

Don't chase design trends for your business.

When it comes to design elements on your website, it can be tempting to fall for the latest trends. After all, trends catch our attention and can make our website look modern and stylish. But the question is: are they the best choice for your business?

In this blog post, we’ll explore why chasing certain trends in web design can be detrimental to a business’s brand. We’ll also provide some examples of popular trends and their potential drawbacks.

Web design isn’t about looking pretty.

Of course, your website needs to look good. However, a common mistake many brands make is that they want to feature the latest trendy look just because everyone seems to love it. That’s where the issue lies. They’re thinking of everyone, not their target audience. While their website might feature the latest animated icons that would catch anyone’s interest, it might not be delivering the experience their customers want.

For example, a clothing brand may decide to incorporate a minimalist design that’s currently popular in the industry. However, their customers may prefer a more colorful and vibrant website that showcases their products’ unique features. In this case, the brand may be sacrificing its customers’ needs to chase a trendy design.

You sacrifice function for fashion

Your website needs to work for your audience – that is its main function. Chasing the latest trendy feature could hamper this. Stick to the fundamentals that your customers want, as they are the ones interacting with your brand and using your website. For example, if you own a website selling DIY tools, and you decide to incorporate a popular layout for beauty websites, you risk alienating your customer base.

Your brand becomes confusing

Your brand needs to be cohesive for your customers. When it comes to your visual branding, such as your logo, color palette, illustrations, and style, adding a new trendy design choice could completely discombobulate how your customers view you. Your website design should reflect your brand’s personality and values.

For instance, suppose your brand’s values include a friendly and approachable attitude. In that case, a trendy design featuring dark colors and edgy fonts could create a dissonance that may confuse your customers.

Your SEO could suffer

Trends might be fun, but that new slideshow or video that auto plays could actually be affecting how you rank in search engines. Your organic traffic gets reduced, and you might be missing out on potential customers.

Trends always change

The problem with trends is that they change quickly. To keep up with every trend and avoid looking outdated, you would have to assign enormous amounts of time to change with the trends. Instead, it’s best to stick to function and focus on establishing your brand and listening to what your audience wants.


In conclusion, don’t chase design trends for your business. Instead, focus on creating a website that works for your target audience, represents your brand cohesively, and incorporates effective web design principles.

While trends in web design may come and go, it’s crucial to prioritize the functionality and usability of your website. By understanding your brand identity and the needs of your customers, you can design a website that not only looks visually appealing but also delivers a seamless user experience.

If you’re unsure about the best approach for your website, consider seeking a professional web design service. A skilled web designer can help you create a website that aligns with your brand vision, incorporates modern design practices, and effectively communicates your message to your audience.

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