16 Actionable Steps to Create an Awesome Sales Landing Page

16 Actionable Steps to Create an Awesome Sales Landing Page

How do you Write a Sales Landing Page?

Your sales landing page is a powerful asset for converting leads into customers. It focuses on a specific offer by showcasing important information. Consider it as an opportunity to prove how good you are. To do that, you should create an amazing copy and add a structure which is easy to follow. Keep it short and simple as possible. Our blog will give you a full list of bullet points for creating an awesome sales landing page.

1. Add a buy button

Time is of the essence. After reading the information about your product or service, website viewers will either leave or choose to follow up with a purchase. However, they won’t stay here for long, searching for the actual shop page. To help them out, you can add a buy button. Place it after the first paragraph, in the end, or in both locations.

How to Create a Sales Page

2. Write a call to action above the button

A short callout would attract more attention. You can write something like “Click below to get started” or “View more information” or “Order a quote.”

3. Add credit card buttons

They offer two specific benefits to your customers – an efficient payment option and security. A good idea would be to add these buttons at the bottom-left part of your sales landing pages.

4. Add the price

Do not keep the website visitors in the dark – show them how much every product or service is worth by displaying the prices on every sales landing page. It is an important component and you should never forget about it.

How to Create a Sales Page

5. Write benefit-driven headlines

They will motivate clients to read more. Do a quick mention of the biggest benefit your products have to offer. Some examples could be: “In only a few easy steps”; “We are the best choice for the job”; “Things to consider before you do a purchase.”

6. Add a couple of paragraphs of text

Good content is important. Keep it short and simple while mentioning the benefits you offer. You can and should optimize it as long as the paragraphs remain natural. If there is too much information, add a “Read more” button which will lead to a full description.

7. Add an image to represent your offer

Clients will never purchase anything without seeing it first. An image or two are of vital importance for the success of your sales landing page. Here is an amazing landing page on how to find free images.

How to Create a Sales landing Page

8. Write persuasive bullet points

Create a list of all the different benefits your offer will bring: warranty, cheaper prices, greater quality, indirect money saving, customization, negative weather resistance, flexibility, efficiency, and more.

9. Write an introduction to emphasize with your visitors

Create one paragraph at the start explaining about the plusses of your products. Explain how you would benefit from them. Share a story about how these products helped you in a difficult situation.

10. Add your USP (unique selling proposition)

The Unique selling proposition is here to help you stand out from the competition. You can use it to include the one “special” feature you offer, but nobody else does. Tell your potential clients to “give this product a chance because you will never see anything like it anywhere else.”

11. Address common objections

The customers of the 21-st century are smart. They observe and compare tens of products before finalizing a purchase. Being a little skeptic is healthy, so you should list some common objections. Explain why worrying about such things is normal, and why there will be nothing to fear as soon as the clients read everything.

12. Add testimonials and case studies

To do this, there are a few solutions. You can add a section with reviews from previous clients. Or, link to important case studies which prove the quality of your products. Perhaps, you can link to one of your blogs with further, useful information.

How to Create a Sales Page

13. Add a (money back) guarantee

It is a question of security. A money back guarantee is an excellent way to build trust with your future customers. They will be able to shop all they like. Should something go wrong, they will get their money back. The feeling of safety and security while shopping is important.

14. Explain exactly what the buyer will get

Tell it in a firm tone: “by choosing us, you will get…” Such messages will help motivate your clients further and lead to a higher number of sales.

15. Show social and authority proof

A great way to do that is listing some of your “biggest” clients. If your company does business with huge and famous brands, be sure to take their logos and put them into one huge image. Or create a list at the bottom of the landing page. When clients visit your sales landing page, they might say “if it’s good enough for these big names, it’s good enough for me.” You can also add a graph with the number of clients or purchases in the last month.


Check the structure of your new landing page and click on that PUBLISH button.

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