Top 4 Funnel Mapping Tools

Top 4 Funnel Mapping Tools

Before discussing the best funnel mapping software, think about this…

In today’s world of age of artificial intelligence, nearly anything is possible. Probably what’s left is for Amazon to rebrand to Skynet (pun intended). To your local customers, Amazon may have become Skynet, as this retail giant is threatening the survival of other online and offline local stores that most people cherish.

As a marketing expert, you should enable your local business customers to compete with these tech titans. One way to achieve this goal is by providing world-class marketing solutions such as funnel mapping tools that don’t require substantial financial investments.

Funnel Mapping Tools

Funnel mapping tools-funnelytics-leads

Funnelytics has always been a go-to solution for marketers who want to map out their funnels faster and more effectively. It completely eliminates what you would consider a hassle: determining the right shapes, colours, and relevant labels that represent sales funnel sections perfectly. Funnelytics is one of the top funnel mapping tool available to entrepreneurs and marketers today. It’s a simple and aesthetically amazing funnel mapping tool that can be used to design, track, and accurately analyze different forms of marketing funnels.


  • Funnelytics Vault: This is a collection of pre-designed funnel templates from various giant marketers including (Dab Henry), Ask Method (Ryan Levesque), The Million Booklet (Grant Cardone), Mentorbox, and more. You don’t need to start from scratch with these funnels created and tested by some of the greatest digital marketers in history.
  • Drag & drop funnel builder: This is the heart and soul of, and you can access it in both Basic and Pro versions.
  • Track and analyze user flow
  • Ability to track external sources of traffic
  • The use of Google Tag Manager to determine and analyze user engagement
  • Ability to track revenue

google-drawings-leads-Funnel mapping tools

Image By Amit Agarwal

Google Drawings

This is Google’s diagramming tool. It is a basic way of getting started when it comes to mapping your sales funnel. The platform lets you perform simple functions, including choosing colours, shapes, arrows, and adding text as well.


  • Collaborate with other people in your team
  • Upload images
  • Include links to supplement each section with more information
  • Leave comments
  • Share the funnel with your target audience


Funnel Flows

This is funnel mapping software dedicated to the creation of sales funnels. Whether you intend to represent sales funnels to your customers or team, the software ensures that your sketches look personalized and professional. It’s user-friendly and intuitive even for first-time users.


  • Use specific icons for landing pages, sources of traffic, webinar pages, order pages, sales pages, and more.
  • Include links in each section with more information
  • Use both basic and advanced shapes
  • Upload high-quality images
  • Choose your desired colours for your text, shapes, and background
  • New exciting elements added.



MindMeister is a funnel mapping software that lets you create great mind maps of nearly anything. In case your marketing funnel still has many moving parts, MindMeister can help organize your ideas. Here are some of the main features associated with this tool.


  • Lets you build a sales funnel from scratch
  • Ready-made and highly customizable templates
  • Upload excellent images
  • Leave comments
  • Choose colours, shapes, and even fonts
  • Leave comments
  • Collaborate with all other members of your team
  • Share the sales funnels you create with your target audience on social media and other relevant platforms.

Wrap Up

Local businesses, whether established corporations or startups, need your help. However, you must convey your value proposition long before they give you an opportunity. By fully understanding the funnel mapping concept and the right tools to be used, you can drastically enhance your ability to connect with the right prospects and probably drive better conversions.

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