Is Your Website PCI Compliant

Is Your Website PCI Compliant?

With all the buzz about PCI compliance deadlines looming in 2018, we’ve had a few clients ask us what they should do to make their websites PCI compliant. In this article, we’ll clear up some misconceptions about PCI compliance and explain what it is, why it’s so important and what needs to be done to make your website PCI compliant, if need be.

What Is PCI Compliance?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) main purpose is to make personal card holder information more secure and to protect consumer data as well as prevent security breaches. PCI compliance applies to all businesses that accept major credit card payments (American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, Visa).  Businesses and organizations fall under four different levels of compliance; each level is based on transaction volumes per year and also how the card data is collected, handled and stored electronically.

  • Level 1: over 6 million card transactions
  • Level 2: 1 to 6 million card transactions
  • Level 3: 20,000 to 1 million card transactions
  • Level 4: less than 20,000 card transactions

How Much Does PCI Compliance Cost?

Obtaining a compliance certification can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $50,000 USD per year. It seems like a hefty fee, but beware that non compliance is even costlier. Non compliance can make your business vulnerable to security data breaches; you are also responsible for costs of replacing credit cards, and you may even have to pay some pretty hefty fines in some instances.

Why Is PCI Compliance So Important in 2018?

PCI compliance ensures security for credit card handling for both the merchant and the card holder. It minimizes security breaches and identity theft. If your business is not PCI compliant, you might no longer be able to accept credit card payments which means a huge loss of potential and existing customers.

PCI Compliant Website

How to make a website PCI compliant

If your website is taking money or receiving donations of any kind via credit card then, YES, you should be PCI Compliant.

Here are some easy steps you can take to ensure you’re being compliant.

1. Build and Maintain a Secure Network

  • Install and maintain a firewall

  • Change the default passwords supplied by vendors for systems and security parameters

  • Store shared passwords in a secure location like Lastpass

2. Protect Your Users’ Credit Card Data

  • All users’ card data should be securely stored

  • Cardholder data should be securely transmitted or stored across public networks

3. Have an Ongoing Vulnerability Management Program

  • All systems should be protected against malware using up-to-date antivirus programs

  • All systems and applications developed should be secure and regularly maintained

4. Strong Data Access Measures

  • Cardholder data should be restricted to authorized employees of your business

  • Implement a way to identify and authenticate parties that access your systems

  • Restrict physical access to cardholder data

5. Ensure Network Integrity

  • Track and monitor access to all cardholder data and network resources

  • Test network security regularly to ensure its integrity

6. Information Security Policy

  • Put in place an information security policy

Final Thoughts on PCI compliance

Your goal should be to create a memorable experience that provides value for your customers, every time a customer accesses your website. PCI compliance may not directly be a part of your business, however, if your user’s credit card information is compromised as a result of visiting your website, it can create a negative reputation of your organization that can be hard to bounce back from.


Great Business Plan, Website Development Ottawa, Web Design Ottawa

Tips for writing a great business plan

Are you planning to start a new business? Or maybe you already have one, but lack a website? It is vital to understand your position, goals, and opportunities. So, where do you begin? This article will give you a few quick tips on what you can do to create a great business plan.

The very first steps

The first and probably most important step is to ask yourself “Is it possible”? Is it worth it? Chasing the impossible will waste your time and efforts. After that, you must set specific goals. Do not be overly optimistic or pessimistic. You need to create a plan with a strong structure.

A video from Business Wales gives a quick explanation on how to write a business plan.

Creating both a business plan and a website are essential for success. You must decide on a few important steps. There are many strategies for you to choose from, but we will leave them for another time. Today, we will focus on a few tips which are amazing for growing your new business.

Most beginnings are tough. You will need to make sacrifices. Customers won’t trust you just yet, but many obstacles will arise. The competition might be ruthless, or the government might impose strict rules. Whatever the trouble, there are ways you can ease or complete avoid it.

Here are a few good tips to help you write a great business plan:

Great Business Plan, Affordable Website Design Toronto, Web Design Newfoundland

1. Observe the market for a while. Make sure to stand out. Being specific won’t attract many customers, but they won’t be few either. And they will be loyal. It is just what you need for some steady development.

2. You need to be honest. These days, people value honesty a lot. With so many cheaters on the world market, honest companies stand out.


3. Choose the right model. There are many, and you can pick pretty much whatever you want. One good example would be the Business Model Canvas. It has a total of nine elements, and they are precisely defined. You will need to create a small plan for the partners, activities, costs, resources, revenue, value proposition, the relations with customers, different channels, and the customer segments.

4. Add a website to the plan. This is the information age. Every business needs a website. And make sure its design can attract visitors.

5. This is not a tip, but a rule. You must calculate your finances to the last cent. One of the worse things that can happen to a new company is unwillingly violating the law.

6. Take some time and think of an amazing company mission and vision.

7. Make sure to write a summary. Potential partners will always ask for one.


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How to Create a Sales Page

Sales Page

1. Add a buy button

2. Add credit card buttons

3. Write a call to action above the button

4. Add the price

5. Write a benefit-driven headline

6. Add a couple of paragraphs of text

7. Add an image to represent your offer

8. Write persuasive bullet points

9. Write an introduction to emphasize with your visitors

10. Add your USP (unique selling proposition)

11. Address common objections

12. Add testimonials and case studies

13. Add a (money back) guarantee

14. Explain exactly what the buyer will get

15. Show social and authority proof


Dentist Marketing

10 ways dentists can benefit from internet marketing

In a way, dentistry is a unique field. That is so because there is true competition here. There is no such thing as sloppy work. And there is no room for mistakes. Patients will search for someone who can help them without any complications arising. After all, their dental health is at stake. This is where dentist marketing on the internet comes in handy and you should be taking notes.

The importance of having a strategy for internet marketing

There are a number of ways you can improve your online presence. It is out of the question that a well-maintained website could be a huge boost to your business. When you add an active blog to it, the groundwork will be set. Having a strong online presence will surely help out in the long-term and bring more patients to you.

However, while having more leads is always nice, how do you prove you are truly good? So what if your skills are unquestionable? Lacking a strategy for internet marketing will only benefit the competition.

And be sure about it. The competition within the dental field is not only huge but also understands the fundamentals of internet marketing. Not taking any action can only result in a slow decline. But taking action has its risks too. Online marketing is complicated, and making the wrong choices can have negative effects on your business.

Dentist marketing

As a dentist, it is not your job to spend too much time concerning yourself with internet marketing. Instead, you can hire an SEO company or a single expert.

There are many different approaches to this. Perhaps you are just starting out on the online stage and wish to build a website? Or you already have one, but it needs all the search engine optimization (SEO) it can get? Or you have that as well, but the next thing on the list is social media marketing?

If you are an established professional, yet lack a good online presence, but wish to improve it, then this is exactly what you are searching for. Java Logix can offer everything you need.

It was mentioned earlier, that internet marketing is complicated. But that should not stop you. The benefits are huge. So here are 10 examples of what you can do to greatly improve your online presence.

1. Using review websites.

A great way for you to start building an online presence would be to visit Yelp. This website is seen by some as “mandatory” for small and medium businesses. And for good reason – it offers excellent opportunities for business owners around the world to make a name for themselves. Yelp also helps clients, by giving them valuable information.

Another great option would be Google My Business. It might just be the single most effective way for you to set up a healthy online presence. There are also a number of other websites who offer services related to internet marketing or guides such as Manta.

One thing must always be taken into consideration when using such review websites. Clients can leave reviews. While this can give legitimacy to your business and help build trust with potential patients in the future, it can also stain your reputation.

You must always make sure to act accordingly on the situation. No matter how good you are, and how well you perform, there will always be a bad review. It should be considered as inevitable. When it occurs, never respond with anger. Instead, be constructive and careful because other clients are reading and judging whether to use your services or not.

2. Search engine optimization.

If you go on and hire an internet marketing company, they will recommend you to focus heavily on SEO. And that is a must if you are to achieve success. You must optimize your website towards Google and its search engine.

Google takes many small details into consideration when reviewing your website. Things like activity, uniqueness, keywords, meta descriptions, mobile accessibility and much more are all of great value. Your goals are to make sure everything is adjusted for. If Google views your website as “positive” and “friendly,” you will rank higher in searches and attract more traffic and potential customers.

3. Create a strong local presence.

The next step in the process would be to focus mainly on achieving results within your region. Since most patients are likely to live near you, the website must be concentrated and made easily accessible specifically for them.

Google My Business offers just that. With its help, you can make yourself visible to people within your region. This will draw attention and help your business grow.

Once you have achieved great results in local online presence, the next step would be to expand and cover nearby cities. This will add up and eventually leave you in a powerful position.

4. Maintain an active blog.

Having an active blog is essential. Visitors to your website will consider the activity as a sign of a healthy business. They will often think that since your blog is active that would mean the business is going forward and can be trusted.

Google especially would be happy to list your content if it’s fresh and well-written. Always make sure it is optimized and have the potential to rank high in search results.

5. Promote your blog.

Writing articles simply won’t do. You need something more than that. When online searches occur, one specific thing holds great value. And that would be how many people are actually reading, commenting, or sharing your blog posts.

This is a rough journey that you must pass if you want to improve your online presence. If your website is new, the number of visitors will be very small. Google will take that into consideration and give you a low rank. It will be hard at first. But by slowly growing and attracting more and more visitors, you will notice acceleration.

One more thing you can do in this situation would be to build reliable backlinks. They are basically links from other websites that point to you. If the links are well placed, preferably in well-established blogs, you will gain a lot of traffic. Just make sure they are posted in sites which are related to the dental industry.

6. Make use of Google AdWords.

As a dentist, you will have to try and reach out to potential customers. Google AdWords is a great way to do so. But the risks are many. Since the competition is also using this method, the odds are stacked against you. It is hard to compete against people who spend tens of thousands of dollars per month, but not spending any money yourself won’t do either. It is up to you and the SEO company to find a balance – do not waste any money, but achieve good advertising results.

You need to focus on specific keywords. Your internet marketing plan should focus on the words “dentist” above all. Be sure to check out the full list of tutorials at AdWords:

7. Communicate with your partners.

There won’t be any progress without communications. When you hire a company to lead your internet marketing, always offer detailed requirements. Make sure you work closely and focus on the best possible strategy. Building trust is important for your dental business. You will still need to oversee the activities and make sure they are on par with the agreements.

8. Maintain a positive sales funnel.

What exactly is a “sales funnel”? Well, basically it is the process starting when a customer first engages with you until they make a decision whether to buy your products/services or not. In the dental field, things aren’t as simple as that. A patient can’t just demand a refund and forget what happened. As a dentist, your responsibilities are not only attracting customers but delivering the best possible service you can.

9. When writing blog posts, be short and simple.

But also make sure you are providing the needed information. When it comes to internet marketing, dentists are some of the people with the most unique content out there. Use that to your advantage but always make sure you are not confusing the patients.

10. Keep a track of your website’s traffic.

Observe how your website develops and plan your next steps. The SEO company you hired should be well aware of the important details. Some of them include:


Dentist Website


As a dentist who wants to create a healthy online presence, you must focus on internet marketing. You must constantly improve and take advantage of the new trends. Otherwise, you will fall behind. The competition in the dental industry is huge; both on a local and international scale. The decisions you make today could be the difference between success and failure.

how to install AMP on Wordpress

How to install AMP on a WordPress site.

How To Install AMP On WordPress

Looking to get started with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)? Search Engine Land columnist Stephanie LeVonne has put together this handy guide for WordPress users.

Step 1: Install and activate your AMP plugin(s)
In order for AMP to work, you need to install the base AMP plugin by Automattic. There are additional plugins you can add (recommendations in the article) after the base AMP plugin is installed to gain greater functionality.

Step 2: Set up Google Analytics
Copy your tracking ID, then log in to WordPress. In the left-hand navigation, go to AMP > Analytics and paste your tracking ID where it says Google Analytics. Then click Save Changes.

Step 3: Configure plugin settings
Follow this step if you have activated the Yoast SEO plugin as part of your WordPress setup (recommended); otherwise, skip it.

Step 4: Test/validate your AMP setup
It’s time to make sure that everything is working; otherwise, Google will not display your AMP URLs in the search results.

Step 5: Submit your most important AMP URLs for indexation
Click the ‘submit to Google’ button in the Google Search Console once you have tested and validated that everything is working correctly.

Step 6: View in Google Search Console to troubleshoot for errors
Correct as necessary.

Step 7: Test page speed
Congratulations! It’s time to compare the results of your AMP and standard mobile pages by running them through a page speed tool.

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