25 Buyer Intent Keyword List For AdWords

Long Tail keywords 25 Buyer Intent Keyword List For AdWords

How to get conversions for less on AdWords

In 2018, AdWords PPC is still one of, if not the most powerful marketing platform you can use to drive new customers to your business. Whether you are an agency running campaigns for clients or your own business, you’re probably missing some easy wins if you are not fully utilizing buyer intent keywords aka long-tail keywords as part of your overall campaign strategy.

What exactly are “buyer intent keywords”?

Buyer intent keywords (or commercial intent keywords) are slightly different from the normal keywords you may already be using. They’re different because they attract people who are further down the sales funnel; they’re usually more knowledgeable about theirs needs and solutions available therefore more likely to make a purchase or sign up to your service.

As an advertiser, this means better conversion rates and often lower CPAs (Cost per Acquisition) and a more profitable campaign

Below we have listed our most commonly used buyer intent keywords. We see great results from them across several industries and adding them is now one of our best practices when creating campaigns.

Their use may be dependent on your specific product or service, but you’ll usually see good results from their implementation wherever possible.

We recommend testing the different match types for best optimization but phrase match has been most success for us.

25 Commercial Intent Keywords

  • buy [product/service name]
  • get [product/service name]
  • where to buy [product/service name]
  • [product/service name] suppliers
  • [product/service name] discount
  • [product/service name] coupon
  • [product/service name] deal
  • best [product/service name]
  • buy [product/service name] online
  • [product/service name] review
  • [product/service name] promo code
  • [product/service name] sale
  • I want a [product/service name]
  • [product/service name] [specific variant] i.e: dentist for kids
  • where can I buy [product/service name]
  • online [product/service name] store
  • [product/service name] near me
  • [product/service name] [dream customer location]
  • [product/service name] direct
  • buy [product/service name] [dream customer location]
  • [product/service name] for sale
  • [product/service name] to buy
  • [product/service name] companies
  • [product/service name] in stock
  • Best + [product/service name] + [ in year ]

In summary, any keyword phrase that includes your product or service and an action word should bring you visitors closer to the end of the sales funnel. Test these out and let us know if they work for you.

Contact us today if you have any questions. Feel free to visit our Facebook or LinkedIn pages. Java Logix is a leading digital marketing agency from Ottawa.

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