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Malware Removal Canada

Malware Removal Canada

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We have been working with and building websites for almost a decade now. From our extensive background, we have come across virtually every security and malware issue that can affect your back end. 

There is no such thing as a one size fits all software, that will completely remove or protect against the ever-evolving technology landscape filled with malware, hackers, and viruses. That’s why we use our extensive knowledge to provide you with the necessary expertise to resolve these on-going security risks. 

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Malware Removal Canada

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You can easily remove malicious code using an FTP client like Filezilla.

What are the steps to removing malicious files from my hacked WordPress sites?

  1. Connect to your server via SSH
  2. Navigate to /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Delete plugin folder if it exists
  4. Restart wp-admin panel
  5. Check if there are new entries under Plugins section
  6. If not then delete them manually
  7. Remove theme folders if they exist

Remove Malicious Code With The Help Of An Expert

If you want to get rid of malicious codes without having to worry about losing data, contact us today. Our experts will be able to assist you with getting rid of malicious codes and fixing infected websites.

Step 1 : Login in phpMyAdmin or MySQL Workbench.

Step 2 : Find out what tables were affected by hacker.

Step 3 : Make a backup copy of each table.

Step 4 : Restore original file back to its place.

Step 5 : Run SQL query to restore deleted rows.

Step 6 : Cleanup any remaining junk.

How to prevent hacking attempts?

Preventing Hackers From Hacking Your Website Is Easy!

WordPress is an open source content management system based on PHP and HTML5 technologies.

Although it is very powerful and flexible, it does not come with built-in security features.

As a result, many people use it to create online stores, blogs, forums, and other web pages.

However, there are still plenty of potential vulnerabilities waiting to be exploited. Malicious code can easily sneak through these holes and infect your site.

There is no such thing as one size fits all solution, that will completely remove malware, hackers, and virus.

That’s why we used our extensive knowledge to provide the necessary expertise to resolve those ongoing security risk.

There is no such thing is one size fits all solution,that will completely remove malware,hackers,and virus.

That’s why we used our extenstive knowledge to provide the necessary expertise to resolve those ongoing security risks.

The most common type of attack is phishing scam which uses social engineering techniques to trick victims into giving away their personal details.

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