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Advertising Grants
For Non Profits

Do You Need A Marketing Budget To:

  • increase awareness
  • raise money
  • grow your email list
  • increase event attendance
  • sell goods and services

We Can Help

Get Up To In Advertising & Technology Grants

If you’re a registered non-profit organization and hold a a 501 (c) 3, you may qualify for upto $10,000USD/month in Google advertising dollars and several other technology discounts! That’s right, free money to grow your cause and spread the word about your non profit organization.

Where We Come In

We are a digital advertising agency and official Google Partners and we want to partner with you to help you make the most of your Google grant.

Grant Application

We’ll apply for the Technology Grant on your behalf. If you meet all criteria, you will be eligible for this grant. We typically can get the approval in as little as 3-7 business days.

You’ll Be assigned A Marketing & Technology Expert

This team member will be there with you from the start, understanding your goals, and helping you every step of the way.  Ensure that you get the most out of the Grant’s available to your organization. This team member will become a huge asset to your team!

Why Work With Us?

The reality is that you can go ahead and apply for this grant by yourself, but you may find it hard to navigate setting up the ad campaigns, creating landing pages, tracking conversions and optimizing your campaigns. If your (click-through-rate) CTR is not at least 5%, Google may terminate your grant. Our goal is to let you take care of your cause and people let us take care of the technology that’s what we are good at.

Are There Any Fees?

We charge a monthly management fee to allow us to manage and report on your campaigns and consultant us about your marketing and technology needs. No hidden fees, setup costs or anything else!  Our fee goes toward setup up your ad groups, creating custom landing pages and optimizing your campaigns to get you the best CTR, thus helping you achieve your goals. We also ensure that you re using your $10,000 USD every month and leaving any money on the table.

Are You Ready To Get $120,000 USD in free Google Ads?

Fill out this application and one of our team members will contact you within 24hrs to get started.

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