Ottawa Mobile App Development for Charity

Do You Need An App To Charity or Non-Profit Organization?

Showcase weekly sermons and inform your congregation about upcoming events and classes. Help people grow with online lessons and videos while giving them a voice to connect to their community.


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Get everyone involved! Keep members updated about upcoming events and highlights. Launch a Mobile campaign to quickly gather feedback on topics or events. Remind people about an event’s location and time or any last-minute changes with a push notification.

Finally, make your services or other large events interactive with a fan wall, ability to submit photos and by taking prayer requests or scripture questions via a mobile app! For members who were unable to be with you in person for services- keep them in the know with YouTube videos, recaps, and an easy way to subscribe to a newsletter. Interactions are crucial to any community and a church is no different- keep your members involved with a hub of information and connectivity. Have you heard of “mobile donations”?

Let a mobile app be the place for your members to keep in touch.

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Your brand will be hosted in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

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