Instagram Influencer Marketing Calculator

The Instagram influencer marketing business like any other comes with its issues. There is always the issue of taking note of influencers who you feel would be the perfect fit for your business but they could actually be a very wrong choice. Of cause individual preference plays a role in the selection process overall but a factor which is more important is the authenticity of the on the part of the influencer.

Authenticity in this sense comprises engagement, and actual operative followers, amongst other factors. It is essential that you have a full picture of what the influencer can potentially do for your business rather than a surface perception.

why is Instagram engagement important?

An Instagram account with high engagement metrics gives you credibility in the social ecosystem> Credibility in this sense could mean your insight and thoughts on certain topics being held with high regard. This also often translates to the account having a strong niche following which you can have impact on. This means that your audience would most likely make purchases of products you post that fall within your niche.

how do you go about knowing such detail? a simple tool to get all of this important information is the Instagram influencer marketing calculator we have available to you at getshirley.

How does the Instagram influencer calculator calculate your engagement rates?

The instgram influencer calculator gesk about getting your engagement rate with this formula.

((Like + Comments / Posts) / Total Number of Followers) / 10) * 100 = Engagement Rate.

The Instagram engagement calculator is amongst the best tools that an influencer can use ins getting a full breakdown analysis of their account to better market their services and understand their limitations.

Our Instagram calculator isn’t only beneficial to individuals and businesses looking for the perfect influencer to work on a campaign with, but also to influencers new or experienced who are looking for a way to give their prospective clients a glimpse of their expected earnings and projected engagements when carrying out a marketing campaign.

The Instagram influencer tool can also assist you in knowing where to make improvements as well as understanding where you stand in the hierarchy of influencer classifications.

How does the Instagram calculator calculate engagement rates?

Calculating your engagement rate personally can be overwhelming due to having to take into account all costs involved, how many likes and how many comments you have in total as well as the total number of followers. Considering influencers have follower counts in the high thousands you can have an idea of how tedious the process can be. We at getshirley fully understand this and offer an amazing tool to assist you in this process, the Instagram influencer calculator.

This tool isn’t only essential in the sense that it makes the client know how authentic your business is, but also gives you the edge in terms of pricing your services as well. Making use of our Instagram calculator for engagement rate and earning is very easy to use. All you need to do is impute your username and viola, it carries out an algorithmic analysis of the and presents all data to you.

Schedule a 30-min walkthrough and have insights from an expert on how you can better capitalize on the Instagram calculator.

Instagram Influencer Marketing Calculator


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