Chatbots Examples

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Are you using chatbots to help automate your business and marketing campaigns? These chatbots examples can help.

If not, you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

Our team at Java Logix have been using them for few months now to automate things like client intake forms, discovery forms and to replace many of our boring static forms.

Check it out for yourself. They are fun.

This one we use to collect information needed to provide our leads a web design quote.

Chatbots Examples

We created this next one to use as a lead magnet. It’s a great way for business owners to think about who their ideal client is before they spend unnecessary dollars marketing to everyone.

Chatbots Examples

But the true power of these when I read about marketers using them as conversational landing pages.

Say What!

I decided to check these out for myself, because we run thousands of dollars in ads for customers on Google, Facebook and Bing etc.

Some companies like Manychat boast 3x conversions compared to traditional landing pages.

I first ran traffic to this bot for myself to test and conversion went from 6% completion to 15% not quite 3x but was big enough to get my attention.

Chatbots Examples

It wasn’t until we ran an affiliate offer with cold traffic using display ads that I truly saw the power of this chatbots.

Check out these stats of how the bot performed.

Chatbot 10x ROI

Need help building your chatbot? Contact us today for a proposal.

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