Content Specialist


Anne Kamwila

I have been writing professionally for 6 years now, but my passion for the written (or I must say typed) word began back in my elementary school years. With a solid background in Economics and Statistics, I dived in the world of content marketing in 2014 and started my journey as a content writer. By consistently writing press releases, blog articles, eBooks, and more, I have followed my passion for creativity and writing.

Content Writer

Since then, I have had the pleasure of working with many reputable digital marketing agencies and brands, enjoying a career in an industry I’m passionate about. Through my entrepreneurial endeavors, I have gained experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), crafting content that converts, and strategic planning.
I joined JavaLogix three years ago, and this was a great stepping stone for my career. I found dedicated, fun-to-work with experts. These guys are a powerful “get-it-done” partner for your brand’s digital marketing needs.
I promise – you won’t be disappointed.